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Clarabridge CX Social

Deliver outstanding customer service through social channels with CX Social. Listen, analyze, and gain insight into conversations happening online and in social media. Whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, forums, or online communities, develop real human relationships by identifying and engaging with your customers in real time, where they are.


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    Engage Smarter

    Improve your customer engagement with a central inbox, smart filtering, routing & prioritization, and automated workflows.

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    Measure Everything

    With 200+ customizable widgets you can quickly create custom dashboards, shareable reports and insightful social analysis.

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    Listen Everywhere

    CX Social listens to billions of conversations, every day, across all major social networks, reviews, forums, blogs, and news sites so you’re always in the know.

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    Team Performance

    Examine engagements and responses at the team and individual levels using critical KPIs to ensure you meet customer’s expectations.


Built for Teams

  • Monitor your team’s workload at a glance using Watchdog dashboards to ensure you are effectively meeting your service level targets
  • Automatically tag incoming conversations, prioritize responses, and route issues for proper handling
  • Create publishing guidelines that will warn or block users that violate brand and marketing guidelines
  • Easily switch into “crisis mode” when challenges arise


Powerful Analytics

Classify and Categorize

Sort and filter customer feedback according to your business needs to reveal insights using industry data models. Pre-defined models can be customized to work with your industry-specific business needs.

Automated NLP

Understand the context and meaning of each customer comment accurately through Natural Language Processing. Tune the NLP to your unique business needs and goals.

Reveal Root Causes

Uncover the real issues by detecting changes in the social conversation. Drill down to individual posts to reveal the underlying problem.

Engage with Customers in Real-Time

  • Personalize interactions using full conversation history, profile details, notes and tags, and integrated CRM data
  • Manage conversations through a central inbox with routing, workflows, approvals, and prioritization
  • Plan, schedule, and publish content globally across multiple networks
  • Filter out spam, advertising, and other noise


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