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What customers say is important, but how they say it is what really matters. With best-in-class text and sentiment analysis, you get more than words—you get context.

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All day, everyday your customers are bombarded through email, websites, receipts and more for their feedback. What does this mean? It results in poor quality and declining response rates. CX Survey build questions around the customer with short, fun surveys, optimized for all devices and platforms.


Better, Smarter, Faster

Other surveys do the easy lifting of collecting answers, leaving your team to manually dissect the insights. CX Survey’s patented root-cause algorithms synthesize structured and open-ended survey responses. This basically means we know the difference between The Big Apple, the apple you ate for breakfast, and Apple, the company. 

Put Feedback to Work

Visually rich, interactive dashboards make analytics relevant and accessible throughout your organization by alerting teams to detractors, negative feedback, or specific issues so they can quickly close the loop.  Employees can act on insights at the product, department, location, or regional level.


Better Together

Our team of survey design experts are here to help you shape and identify high-impact touch points. With this information, we’ll shape your processes, work with you to implement best practices, act on insights and tune the solution to fit your specific needs.


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