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Clarabridge CX Survey

Clarabridge CX Survey enables you to capture and understand your customer’s thoughts and emotions at crucial touchpoints throughout their customer journey. CX Survey uses the industry’s best-in-class text and sentiment analytics to quickly make sense of their feelings. It looks at the quantitative, structured data and qualitative, open-ended results together. Pair this with the rest of your omni-source social and interaction data to create a complete picture of the customer experience.

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Cut Through the Noise


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These days, it’s simple to send a survey. Your customers are bombarded through email, on websites, receipts, and more. It can be overwhelming, causing response rate decline and deteriorating quality. So, how do you cut through the noise? Make your surveys about the customer. CX Survey allows you to build short, fun surveys, optimized for mobile so you can improve response rates and quality.


Accurate and Actionable Analytics

Open-ended questions get higher response rates than structured ones. Our patented root cause algorithms help you synthesize quantitative results with the open-ended, unstructured responses. This reveals the drivers of NPS, CSat, CXi, and other metrics. We deliver over 90% accuracy and enable integration with your other feedback sources. This gives you reliable customer insights in near real-time.

Put Survey Feedback to Work using Role-Based Dashboards

Your customers want to be heard—and know that you are acting on their feedback. Filter survey results by keywords, sentiment, and other attributes. Alert your team to detractors, negative feedback, or specific issues so they can quickly respond, act, and close the loop.

Deliver survey results and analyses across the organization to drive and measure customer experience improvement. Visually rich, interactive dashboards show information tailored to the viewer’s role. Employees can act on insights at the product, department, location or regional level.


Focus on Key Customer Touchpoints

The customer journey is more complex than ever before. At the same time, customer expectations continue to rise. Our team of survey design experts help you identify high-impact touch points and shape your processes around them. We work with you to implement best practices, act on insights, and tune the solution to meet your needs.


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