Omnichannel Data Hub for CX Data

Omnichannel Data Hub for CX Data

Break down CX and operational siloes by bringing all your customer feedback and interaction data together in a single view. With over 100+ pre-built Connectors at your disposal, you can get from Data to Insights leading to Impact that will last—fast.

Easy, Secure, Automated Data Loading

No-Code, Point-and-Click
Easy point and click tools to load data without having to do complex coding or data mapping.

Refresh Scheduling
Define the timing and frequency for your data pulls, as well as the maximum number of records to be returned on every job.


Data Security & Compliance
Protect sensitive customer data with tools to define substitution rules and mask personally identifiable information.

Enterprise System Integration

Enriched Data Export API
Outbound Connectors empower you to take Clarabridge-enriched CX data and insights back into your existing systems to further enhance processes and support Next Best Actions.

Clarabridge Link
Push data from your existing systems to Clarabridge Link at your desired pace, automating the import process so that you can get right to work.

Turn Data Into Insights

Best-in-class AI and Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

The Clarabridge Platform adds structure to your unstructured data, making it easy to measure and track qualitative factors (e.g., effort, emotion, and sentiment) critical to your CX success.


Automated Interaction Scoring

Clarabridge Intelligent Scoring feature helps you make better CX decisions by using your unique criteria to automatically score customer interactions across every feedback channel.

Complete Voice-To-Text Solution

Connect to any voice and transcription system to analyze all your customer-agent interactions so that you can dig into the root cause of every call.


Highly Configurable, User-Friendly, and Accessible Reporting

Clarabridge Studio enables you to quickly visualize your CX data and build interactive reports—all through a simple drag-and-drop experience.

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