Advanced analytics that work for you.

Start listening to any channel, on every network, to analyze and produce the insights that matter most to your business.

See your customer feedback data, live & in action.

Software to Power Your Customer Experience Management Program

Built from the ground up to power Customer Experience Management programs, Clarabridge enables companies to easily interpret and act on all customer feedback with the industry’s most accurate analytics. With Clarabridge, you gain insight into why your customers act the way they do—and how that impacts business performance, giving you the power to drive business optimization and better customer engagement.

Helping the world’s leading brands deliver better customer experiences

Clarabridge offers the leading solution to put customer feedback to work and revolutionize the way business is done.

Break VOC data out of its silo! Empower employees with trusted data they can use to improve the customer experience once and for all.

Get to know the Clarabridge CX Suite

Clarabridge offers solutions for your entire business:

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Clarabridge helps hundreds of the world’s leading brands understand and improve their customer experience.

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