What is Digital Customer Service?

Digital Customer Service is the act of providing customer support across digital channels, whether that’s through text messaging, email, social media channels, or your website.

Digital customer service makes how your customers communicate, part of your support strategy. And digital channels are how your customers increasingly communicate. About 74% of millennials in the U.S. and U.K., for instance, communicate digitally more often than they do in person on any given day.

Furthermore, customer experience increasingly takes place online, whether through the web, email, social, or text messaging. Even in-person customer experience involves digital channels: 82% of customers check their smart phones before making an in-store purchase. Customers expect the same convenience with customer support from your business that they get from texting and other digital communications.

Why do you need a digital customer service strategy?

An omnichannel digital customer service strategy will enable you to meet your customers’ expectations for ease, convenience, and speed across numerous digital channels. The right digital customer service strategy transforms a possibility that a customer might churn, into a reason for them to become a brand advocate. Research shows that consumers are willing to spend 17% more with a company that has good customer service while 93% of customers say they would make a repeat purchase with a company that offers a positive customer experience. Additionally, American companies lose a whopping $1.6T due to poor customer service.

An omnichannel digital customer service strategy will help you create positive experiences for your customers that will not only boost consumer satisfaction and loyalty but directly impact the overall health of your business.

Clarabridge for Digital Customer Service

Clarabridge makes digital customer service part of a seamless, customer-focused strategy. The Clarabridge Engage platform provides all the functionality that is required to keep a digital customer service team running smoothly, regardless of how large or distributed the team might be.

With Clarabridge Engage, you’ll be able to monitor all mentions of your brand and engage with customers through all the channels they use in a single platform, creating a unified picture of the digital customer experience. The product applies automatic filters to recognize certain topics and direct the conversation to the right expert within your company to handle the issue.

Clarabridge Engage also helps you manage your team. It monitors response times to make sure you honor your response SLAs. It helps you identify peaks in response volume so that you can staff appropriately. It even flags inappropriate replies so you can keep your agents’ conversations on brand.

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