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Now more than ever, during the COVID-19 pandemic you need to know how your consumers are feeling—their emotions and sentiment—and their reasons for contacting you. Clarabridge Engage enables you to answer these questions immediately, while also focusing on operational efficiency and service quality. Set-up is easy! Quickly transition large teams to new operating procedures on digital channels without losing visibility into agent performance and care quality.

Why Clarabridge

Transition to a work from home operating model and leverage digital customer service channels without sacrificing care quality using Clarabridge Engage.

Engage Anytime, Anywhere
  • Cloud-based and easy to set up in a few hours
  • Offer stands for each and every member of your team
  • Download our data sheet for more information
Customer Service Continuity
  • Fast Setup: Easily click to connect to and engage on all digital messaging and social media channels
  • Achieve faster response times with automatic tagging & NLP-powered routing of mentions based on topic and other attributes
Agent Performance & Compliance
  • Efficiently measure and keep up with service level quality metrics through custom SLA creation and tracking, and out-of-the-box performance dashboards
  • Establish standard operating procedures by creating automated workflows, crisis plans and response templates using a drag-and-drop interface

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