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Clarabridge for Hospitals and Providers

Clarabridge for Hospitals and Providers

The increasing prevalence of consumerism in healthcare is fueling the need for providers to offer innovative care. Better understanding the patient experience can offer hospitals and providers many business benefits.

Analytics to Transform Patient Care

Clarabridge collects feedback and interaction data from surveys, phone calls, hospital notes, emails, chats, and more. The resulting insights offer a deeper understanding of the patient experience in multiple areas.

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Improve Patient Satisfaction
Understand the patient’s journey from start to finish. Identify pain points and target those areas for a more frictionless experience.


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Maintain Compliance
Monitor complaints and emerging issues to stay ahead of potential compliance violations.

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Improve HCAHPS Results
Understand the reasons behind ratings, put results into context within broader patient experience feedback and inform initiatives to address dissatisfaction.

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Drive Contact Center Efficiency
Automate elements of the contact center experience to free up agent time for handling complex interactions.

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Enhance the Digital Experience
Reduce call volume by identifying primary call drivers, improving online resources, and offering self-service functions.

magnifying glass iconUnderstand Employee Experience
Optimize the physician experience to recruit and retain top talent.

Successful Customers in Healthcare

The world’s leading healthcare providers have chosen the Clarabridge solution because of its unmatched ability to provide value in the areas that matter most.

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The Clarabridge Solution

Gain deep insight into the patient and physician experience with the platform that is helping providers optimize operations, design empathetic solutions and improve the impact of initiatives over time. 

Understand Patient and Employee Experience

Clarabridge collects data from 100% of your customer feedback and complaint channels such as patient and employee surveys, phone calls, hospital notes, HCAHPS results, emails, chats, and more. 

Custom Industry Tuning for Healthcare

The Clarabridge solution recognizes drug names, procedures and medical terms as part of its custom industry tuning, so insights will be accurate from day one and information will not be skewed.

Analyze the Business Areas that Matter Most

Set up category models to quickly get insights about areas such as hospital and patient experience, anesthesiologist experience, clinical communication, coverage locations/types, discharge experience, doctor communication, and more.

Optimize Initiatives for Impact and Efficiency

Optimize business processes and track changes over time to evaluate program impact and efficiency. Monitor issues as they arise and ensure the appropriate stakeholders are aware of any problems. 

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