How to Set Up Coronavirus Crisis Tracking in Clarabridge Engage

As the current Corona pandemic is holding everyone in its grip, we’ve noticed a lot of customers that are now having to deal with extra volume. In Clarabridge Engage, we want to assist you in dealing with those Corona related volumes. Please find some tips & best practices below.

Tracking of COVID-19

It is important to know that when you’ve connected your social profiles, any Coronavirus related message sent to those profiles will already enter Clarabridge Engage. However, if you want to listen in on how your company is mentioned in relation to COVID-19, please follow these steps:

STEP ONE:  Create a Keyword Search Tracking COVID-19
in combination with your brand name.

NOTE: Tracking COVID-19 on it’s own is not possible due the high volume this is tracking (unrelated to your brand)


STEP TWO:  Create a Smart Tag
A Smart Tag will allow you to automatically tag mentions related to the Coronavirus, making it easier to divert and report. Be aware that it is up to you to fill in all relevant keywords for this tag.

FYI: Read more about Smart Tags.


Diverting the Coronavirus Volume from your Regular Volume

It could be that you want to keep the Coronavirus mentions separated from your everyday volume. By following these steps, you’ll be able to do so:

STEP 1: Create a Smart Folder

If you created a Coronavirus Smart Tag, you can easily filter on that tag to divert the volume to your Smart Folder.

NOTE: You can also use the All Contains condition to filter on certain keywords

STEP 2:  Exclude Smart Folder from Inbox

By excluding the Smart Folder from your Inbox, you’re making sure these queries are not cluttering up your everyday volume.

FYI:  Read more about Smart Folders and Filtering.


Informing Your Users Working in the Tool via Playbooks

Especially now, with everybody working from home/remote, it’s important to give everybody the correct info. With Playbooks you can send a notification wide warning/informative message to all your users.

1. Choose a descriptive title and make sure to mention the latest version

2. Inform your team about your action plan via the instructions

3. Give to-do’s in bullet points, so agents know how to react

4. Select a coordinator

Learn more about Playbooks


COVID-19 Reporting

Use custom dashboards to create a focus dashboard, dedicated to COVID-19 related queries. With these tips you’ll make sure it’s easy to understand:

STEP ONE:  Create a Header
Add a note widget and add this piece of HTML code, you’ll get a nice header to start your report:

COVID – 19

<h2 style=”background-color: #003366; color: white; text-align: center”;> COVID – 19 </h2>

This is a dynamic dashboard that follows the dashboard date range. The data set consist out of our own social topic(s) + the new COVID – 19 listening topic

NOTE: Always add what is incorporated in the data set.


STEP TWO:  Use Descriptive Titles
A descriptive title will immediately inform the report reader what he/she is looking at

STEP THREE: Use Note Widgets
By using note widgets you can give extra context on the data widgets

STEP FOUR:  Make Sure to Use the Correct Filter/Date Range
If you have a Coronavirus tag in place, use it in your filter!

Use the COVID-19 suggested filter:

FYI: Learn more about Custom Dashboards and the different widgets you can use. If you want to use advanced reporting, please read about our Chart Builder.


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As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager.

Stay safe and good luck!

The Engage CSM team