Social Media and Publishing in Clarabridge Engage

Clarabridge Engage gives digital customer care and marketing teams the capabilities they need to expand their social media presence. Take advantage of an all-in-one tool that can handle your DMs, social media messages, and publishing across your teams with Clarabridge Engage. 


Why Manage Social Media in One Spot?

Save More Time,
Save More Money

A unified location for social media publishing, post creation, scheduling, and responding to social media posts lets teams use their time efficiently and effectively. Automated tagging also ensures that the right teams or agents get the right posts or messages to respond to. 

Eliminate Switching Between Pages, Tabs, or Apps

Switching between tabs, apps, pages, or complicated interfaces adds stress and time to agents’ workdays. Avoid the hassle with Clarabridge Engage’s Inbox. See all messages, social media post responses, and reviews in one spot so teams can act fast on digital customer experiences. 

Engage is More Than
Just Publishing

Engage is not defined only by its publishing capabilities. Message response, review management, team management, analytics, social listening, and more all live within the Engage platform. Manage your digital customer care without multiple different platforms.  

Dive Into Social Media and Publishing in Engage

TSA webinar

How TSA Implements Strong Social Strategies with Clarabridge Engage

Travel can be stressful. No one knows that better than the Transportation Security Administration, better known as TSA. With Clarabridge Engage, TSA can implement their social strategy effectively and efficiently so that they can be proactive on customers’ experiences and employee performance before, during, and after travel. 

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eBook title image

8 Mistakes to Avoid in Social Customer Service

We all make mistakes. You use salt instead of sugar in your cookies or leave your coffee on top of the car as you drive off to work. But mistakes on social media? Those could have much wider implications. Read what social customer expert Jay Baer has to say about how to avoid eight common mistakes in social customer service. 

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4ocean Decreases Response Time by 99% with Clarabridge Engage

4ocean is an ocean cleanup company that creates trendy, stylish jewelry and other merchandise made from recycled materials. The Florida-based company is active daily on both Instagram and Facebook with posts that drive strong engagement from sustainability- and environmentally-focused customers. See how Clarabridge Engage’s social media messaging capabilities provided tangible value to 4ocean’s customer care team in this case study. 

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