Banking & Finance 2020 Look Back


Monthly retrospective of Clarabridge “Social Pulse Snapshots” collected
for independent analysis to understand the impact of the
COVID-19 pandemic for key customer experience industries. 

Source: Twitter, API Connectors
Current Volume: 2,610,303
Date Range: May 14, 2020- September 1, 2020
Tweets Related to COVID-19 & Supplemental Topics Classification Models Used: WHO Framework Model, Emotions Model, & Industry Specific Models

Analysis began in March 2020, showing the top topics of conversation on Twitter in the Banking and Financial Services industries, with an overall assessment of sentiment, emotions and emotional intensity expressed by Twitter users in our data set.

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June 2020:

Below shows the top topics discussed and emotional intensity surrounding each subject. Over 30% of the feedback in June discussed Reopening the Economy and PPP loans drove the highest amount of emotional intensity.


Insight in ReOpening:

Leveraging unstructured and structured data
below shows top states with high emotional
intensity regarding economic reopenings,
showcasing the tension of rising case
numbers on economic openings.

Insight on PPP Loans:

Seen previously, PPP loans continue to
drive friction as individuals continue to
seek clarity from the Small Business



emotional intensity bar graph trend

May 2020:

As Economic Re-Opening mainstreamed, conversations about unemployment drove the highest level of emotional intensity. Twitter conversations showcased unemployment reports, discussions of individual hardship due to unemployment, and negative experiences with banks from miscellaneous fees during financial hardship.

sentiment trend graph example

April 2020:

In April 2020 came the rollout of the PPP loan process. Using Clarabridge’s sentiment score we can see how positively or negatively people are talking about their experience with PPP loans. The metric ranges between -5 (very negative) to +5 (very positive). Drops in sentiment reflected in the chart on the right show response of small business owners struggling to access funds for their employees.

March 2020:


Early on individuals’ expressed high rates of fear & confusion and anger & frustration attempting to understand the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives as states began to shut down and implement “Stay at Home” orders.


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