Messaging in Clarabridge Engage

Clarabridge Engage is a one-stop-shop for digital customer care teams thanks in part to the variety of messaging APIs and partnerships available within Engage. As more and more customers look to social media and online to get in contact with businesses, the more they want to use messaging apps, direct messages, and live chat to ask questions and get information. 

Why Manage Messages in One Spot?

Customers Want Fast Responses, Engage Can Help

Clarabridge Engage’s Inbox concentrates all messages from across social media, messaging apps, and live chat into one page for display and response. No more reliance on native app messaging that only slows teams down. No more reliance on difficult user interfaces.  

Automatic Tagging to Help Teams Be More Efficient

Automatic message tagging ensures that agents get exactly the right messages to respond to. Triage messages to agents that have the best expertise on certain message topics. Even track team performance on messages within Engage to make sure your team is as efficient and effective as possible.

Automations That Save Time
and Money

Chatbots in Engage make life easier for customers and agents. Track your customers’ frequently asked questions to bots and optimize them to respond to those queries. Eliminate channel hopping with better bots and ensure a seamless hand-offs to agents when bots can’t help. Less channel hopping means time and money saved by bots.

See Why the Right Call May Be a Message in Engage

Clarabridge Engage and Messenger: The Future of Live Chat

Clarabridge Engage and Messenger: Partner Page

Clarabridge Engage and Messenger partner to provide messaging capabilities that can act as live chat even outside of Facebook-run applications. Visit the partner page to see content, case studies, and more about the partnership.

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Clarabridge Engage and Instagram

Clarabridge Engage and Instagram: Partner Page

Clarabridge Engage and Instagram partner to bring businesses direct messaging, publishing, and Instagram Shops capabilites all within Engage. Visit the partner page to read partnership overviews, solution briefs, case studies, and more about the partnership. 

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Enhance Customers' Digital Experiences with WhatsApp Messaging

Clarabridge Engage and WhatsApp: Partner Page

Clarabridge Engage and WhatsApp bring businesses closer to their customers than ever before. Use WhatsApp to communicate directly with customers and bring them the customer service they want. Visit the partner page to see our datasheets, eBooks, guides, case studies, and get more information about the partnership. 

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