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The Clarabridge Effort Score

The Clarabridge Effort Score

Effort Made Easy.

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What is the Effort Score?

The Clarabridge Effort Score develops a numerical value based on customers’ actual words as opposed to self-reported scores. Based on an AI-powered machine learning algorithm trained on tens of thousands of feedback records and customer interactions from dozens of channels, the Clarabridge Effort Score considers words, phrases and linguistic attributes in its analysis. These features are used to evaluate the level of effort expressed in every sentence of customer feedback and interaction channels including surveys, social conversations, online reviews, complaint forms, call center transcriptions.

Clarabridge Analytics Effort Scoring Dashboard

Why Effort Matters

Research from Gartner indicates that customers are four times more likely to become disloyal to a brand after a high-effort customer service experience. Because increased effort frustrates customers, businesses need to track this metric and understand the factors that contribute to it in order to effectively meet customer needs and mitigate churn risk.

Start with the Why

Examining customer feedback starting with the why (effort) instead of the what (satisfaction) enables new insights to emerge.

Omni-Channel Customer Effort Analysis

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