What is Omni-Channel?


Omni-channel broadly refers to all of the ways that customers and organizations can interact. Each organization must formulate their specific omni-channel definition in order to create a strategy for managing the omni-channel experience.

Why is it important to understand the omni-channel experience?

Consumers can interact with brands in a multitude of ways. The various channels include advertising, the Internet, social media, surveys, direct mail, phone calls, emails, in-store experiences, ratings and review sites, and countless more. Providing a consistent customer experience across these channels is critical for maintaining a positive brand identity.

However, your organization may choose not to address all channels, instead redefining omni-channel as all channels in which you participate. Your omni-channel definition identifies which channels you will focus on and how those channels will be integrated to provide a seamless experience.

Different industries and different roles will vary in the way they implement an omni-channel strategy. For example:

Omni-channel marketing ensures that messaging and branding are consistent among channels. It also includes tying different channels together (for example, social media and the web site) for promotional experiences.

Omni-channel distribution refers to the operational processes that allow customers to view, order, and receive goods and services through any channel smoothly.



How does Clarabridge support the omni-channel?

Clarabridge acts as a single solution for analyzing data from every touchpoint, to cover the entire omni-channel experience. This aggregated data can show you which parts of your omni-channel strategy are failing to satisfy your customers, and can give you actionable ideas for making the experience as cohesive as possible. Clarabridge allows you to filter by data source if you want to look more closely at one channel, or to segment by users across all channels.

As a central platform for consistently and accurately analyzing customer feedback from any and all channels, Clarabridge provides the insights your customer experience management team needs to tackle the omni-channel.

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