Clarabridge for Customer Experience

Go beyond natural language processing (NLP), sentiment, and data categorization to measure effort, emotion, intent, and root cause analysis using both rules-based and machine learning approaches to AI.


Clarabridge Customer Experience Platform

How We Do It

Analyze Every Sentence with Our AI-Powered NLP Engine

Clarabridge uses text analytics to provide a highly effective means of considering what customers are saying, taking you beyond natural language processing to a more complex, contextual understanding of comments.

Clarabridge Analytics Data Sources

Listen & Connect to Every Conversation from Any Source

Whether it’s calls, emails, chats, surveys, social interactions, ratings and reviews, or forums, Clarabridge connects to hundreds of sources and collects all of your customer feedback in one place. With the click of a button, data connectors pull insights from all sources of feedback, both solicited and unsolicited, to give you a peek into the entire customer journey.

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Clarabridge Analytics Effort Scoring Dashboard

Evaluate Customer Effort

Automatically understand how much effort your customers put forth with the Clarabridge Effort Score. This metric is derived directly from keywords in feedback and should be considered alongside sentiment and other KPIs to inform better-designed solutions.

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Clarabridge Analytics Sentiment Scoring Dashboard

Analyze Sentiment

Overcome the limitations of other sentiment analysis techniques by combining lexical and grammatical approaches to analyze sentiment at the clause level. Clarabridge has the unique ability to accurately capture the degrees of variation on its 11-point sentiment scale and to handle the nuance of different contexts.

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Clarabridge Analytics Data Categorization

Pre-Built, Easy Categorization

Group text data into related buckets that make sense for your industry and the issues you are looking to solve. Clarabridge has hundreds of industry models and out-of-the-box templates that make it easy to categorize as much of the data as possible and as accurately as possible. This method enables easy reporting and promotes discovery of data-driven insights.

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Clarabridge Analytics Emotion Analysis Dashboard

Empathize More with Emotion Analysis

Tap into how customers feel when engaging with your company, products, or service. Examining and understanding emotions with Clarabridge’s models helps analysts empathize with their constituents and think about how specific actions or policies might result in certain feelings.

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Clarabridge Analytics Intent Detection Dashboard

Intent Detection

Clarabridge uses AI-powered semantic analysis strategies to identify 21 different kinds of intents specifically relevant for customer experience analytics. Isolate requests, praise, cries for help, churn, and even legal disclosures in your customer feedback.

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Operationalize Insights Throughout Your Organization

Clarabridge can help make sure your insights permeate to critical functions of the organization, including product, call center operations, marketing, legal and liability, and digital experience teams. Securely deliver the right data to the right people so they can affect change in your business.

Clarabridge Analytics Custom User Dashboards

Personalized Dashboards for Every Department

With pre-built templates and robust, customizable dashboards, you can meet every team’s reporting needs and provide them with the most relevant view of the data. With governance features, you’ll never have to worry about who has access to what data.

Clarabridge Analytics Mobile View

Mobile Access

Clarabridge knows that access to customer feedback is critical to executives on the go and managers on the ground. Easily access your operational dashboards on mobile devices and respond to customer feedback that needs attention in real time.

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