AI-Fueled Analytics for the Contact Center

Clarabridge offers a superior cloud-based platform for cross-channel contact center analytics, automated quality and compliance management, and enterprise-grade digital customer service. We capture and analyze 100% of the human and bot interactions occurring within your contact center every day, with insights and automation solutions that can help you save 20% of your operational costs.

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Contact Center platform intelligent scoring screenshot

NEW! Automatically Score 100% of Interactions

Patent-pending Intelligent Scoring is a breakthrough in interaction analytics! Automatically evaluate and score every conversation against your own weighted criteria. Scores makes it easy to prioritize and act fast on risky or promising customer interactions.

No human evaluation needed. Fast. Unbiased. Save thousands of man-hours by automating Quality Assurance and Compliance processes. Boost revenue by scoring and escalating interactions most likely to lead to sales.

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Multi-Channel Interaction Analytics

With Clarabridge, you get a clear visual of every agent-customer dialog, augmented with dozens of NLU-derived attributes about the conversation, such as effort, emotion, and topics. Analyze dialogs on calls, chat, and private message channels to evaluate performance and quality of service.

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Report: Clarabridge vs. Legacy Speech Analytics

Clarabridge is the #1 Text and Speech Analytics Engine for Contact Centers. Traditional speech analytics tools lack Natural Language Understanding (NLU), producing shallow insights. This eBook explains how Clarabridge NLU enrichments produce superior business intelligence.

The Clarabridge Difference


Integrated Data Hub for All Interaction Channels

Clarabridge was designed to be a data hub, with over 100 connectors to quickly load audio transcriptions and digital interactions (live chat, bots). Combine interaction data with survey feedback, acoustic metadata, online ratings and reviews, and social engagements. Bring in structured attributes from Sales and CRM systems for context. Explore data and insights with Clarabridge’s robust business intelligence and data visualization environment.


Agent Performance & Quality Monitoring

Clarabridge automatically derives sentiment, emotion, effort and resolution from agent/customer interactions, establishing modern customer satisfaction metrics and replacing the need for post-call survey and manual call monitoring programs. Drill into the drivers of NPS and CSAT to understand issues at the root cause level and prioritize impactful actions. Track and measure performance impact on first contact resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT) and other key performance indicators.


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Positively Impact Customer Experience

Analyze the customer journey across multiple channels. Identify and smooth points of friction to improve sales conversion and retention. Pinpoint interactions signaling a customer’s propensity to churn or an opportunity to sell a product or service. Analyze customer conversations to evaluate product quality and marketing effectiveness.

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