AI-Fueled Technology for the Contact Center

Gain insights in your contact center and add value to the entire enterprise by seamlessly blending call data with agent notes, chat logs, surveys, social media posts, and CRM data.


Review the Conversation & Drill into Key Moments

With Clarabridge, you will get a clear breakdown of agent-customer interactions, along with sentiment and effort for each conversation. You will also gain a better understanding of topic breakdown and key information such as agent name, agent ID, tonal quality, and clarity.

See for Yourself

The Clarabridge Difference


Fast & Accurate Voice to Text Transcription

Clarabridge helps you transcribe audio recordings into text and then immediately into structured, reportable data. Clarabridge’s Voice Transcription Service uses a patented chip-based algorithm to transcribe voice of the customer data 3,000 times faster than software-based transcription engines, and with high accuracy.


Agent Performance & Quality Monitoring

Once you begin tracking agent performance metrics, you will be able to see the impacts on average handle time and hold time, as well as volume of calls, sentiment, and top themes handled for a single call or multiple calls.


Sophisticated Analysis of Customer Experience

You can tap into what customers and agents are discussing and how they feel about using Clarabridge’s industry-optimized natural language processing (NLP) and nuanced sentiment analysis. Doing so allows you to identify opportunities to improve self-service or contact metrics like first contact resolution and to evaluate how and why sentiment and emotion change so you can fix the root cause of customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS) issues.

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