Clarabridge Conversation Intelligence

Listen, Analyze, Act Customer Service ProcessClarabridge Conversation Intelligence uses AI-powered Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to analyze all conversations your agents and bots have with customers over audio and digital channels to answer important question about customer experience and quality of service.


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What is Clarabridge Conversation Intelligence?

What is Clarabridge Conversation Intelligence?

Clarabridge analyzes the actual voice of the customer—the words they use in conversations—to automatically derive contact reasons, emotions, effort, loyalty (NPS), quality of service, and satisfaction. These insights at the aggregate level help you understand contact drivers, discover trends, drill into anomalies and root cause, prioritize areas of improvement, and measure the impact of changes.

LISTEN: Load All CX Interactions into One Platform


✓ Recorded & Transcribed Audio

✓ Text Interactions

✓ Digital & Social Interactions

✓ Metadata

ANALYZE: AI-Powered Natural Language Understanding

✓ Tuned for Your Industry

✓ NLU in 22 Languages

✓ Intelligent Scoring

✓ Drivers & Root Cause

✓ Redaction & Data Erasure


ACT: Insights & Tools to Measure Improvement

With Clarabridge you can:

✓ Personalize

✓ Alert

✓ Coach

✓ Track & Trend

Contact Center Meets Modern CX

Clarabridge visually displays dialogs in an easy-to-navigate “spine”, which includes color coding and tagging of metadata (such as silence, over-talk, and hold time) and attributes derived from NLU (such as topics, customer intent, empathy, emotion, sentiment, call reason, issue resolution).

Clarabridge Analytics Conversation View

View the conversation flow between participants overlaid with:
✓ NLU-derived attributes such as topic, intent, empathy, emotion, sentiment, call reason, conversation outcome.

✓ Channel-appropriate metadata such as silence, over talk, and hold times.

✓ Playback audio filters and search dialogues.



Filter, search and create alerts. For phone conversations, Clarabridge supports audio playback. Load interactions from any transcribed calls—Redbox, Five9, LivePerson, Salesforce, Gladly, Genesys, Kana, Zendesk, Clarabridge Engage and many more.


QATC Webinar: Eliminate Manual Call Dispositioning with Contact Center Analytics

Eliminate Manual Call Dispositioning With Contact Center Analytics

  • How American Family Insurance completely eliminated manual agent call dispositioning by using Clarabridge’s text analytics to automatically categorize calls
  • Why ingesting a myriad of different customer feedback channels—calls, chat transcripts, surveys, etc.—benefits companies


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Why Analyze Conversations?

Conversations are gold mines of unsolicited information about your customers and their perception of your products, processes, and services. AI-powered text and speech analytics reveals the true voice and opinions of the customer, without the need to send yet another survey. Contact centers and customer experience teams that carefully assess the dialogs their human and bot agents have with customers are rewarded with insights that can help leaders make informed decisions faster and prioritize the improvements that will have the greatest impact. Customers using Clarabridge Interaction Analytics realize value in the following ways:

  • Automating post-call work, such as reason disposition
  • Finding and smoothing friction points across the customer journey
  • Improving key CX metrics like CSAT, effort and NPS loyalty (while reducing survey spend)
  • Optimizing self-service experiences to deflect calls
  • Measuring quality of customer service across channels automatically
  • Detecting and preventing compliance issues and churn



  • Increasing revenue through better cross-sell and up-sell
  • Improving operational performance metrics like first contact resolution


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