The Path to Power Your CEM Program in Video

Superior CX Starts with Clarabridge

If you want your customers’ loyalty, you have to win their hearts. Clarabridge lets you understand the customer journey, deliver the best possible customer experience, and engage with customers in a way that builds lasting relationships.

A Single Source of Truth

Can you break down silos and capture the true voice of the customer across all sources of customer data? Yes! The Clarabridge CX Intelligence Platform is your centralized insights hub: a single platform for analyzing all of your data and uncovering the truth about your customer’s journey.

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Analytics to Uncover the “Why”

Clarabridge’s proprietary text and sentiment analytics reveal unique insights. Our Natural Language Processing and machine learning results are combined with demographic and behavioral data to uncover the needs, desires, and emotions that drive your customers.

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Sharing Insights Across Your Company

CX insights are only valuable if they inspire action, so Clarabridge empowers you to activate insights across your organization. Alerts, dashboards, and case management and engagement features let you act swiftly and decisively to improve the customer experience. 

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How do you define greatness? You don’t. You allow customers to do it. If we are doing what we set out to do then customers will happily recommend us.

Julian Lopez Director of Customer Loyalty, Rackspace