Clarabridge for Property and Casualty Insurance

Clarabridge for Property and Casualty Insurance

As property and casualty (P&C) insurers strive to meet changing member expectations, navigate a changing risk landscape and develop informed digital strategies in a rapidly evolving market, they should analyze omnichannel member insights to fuel data-driven decisions. Learn how the Clarabridge solution helps insurers achieve success.

Analytics to Drive Innovation

Clarabridge helps property and casualty insurers integrate data from across member feedback and integration data to identify the information needed to effectively address key business areas and realize a number of business benefits.

Transform the Member Experience:
Create the convenient and accessible experiences that today’s consumers demand. Confidently incorporate feedback and interaction data into decision-making to foster retention and growth.

Navigate the Shift to Digital:
Create personalized experiences, identify digital pain points, and determine the impact of website and app performance. Improve digital self-service functionality and effectively engage members via digital channels.

Create a Seamless Member Journey:
Optimize each step of the member journey by pinpointing sources of friction and potential drivers of churn. Analyze feedback on specific journey stages to earn loyalty and reduce churn. 

Inform Policy and Plan Development:
Demonstrate an understanding of the current risk landscape. Strategically adapt current offerings to provide members with value and explore how current offerings meet member needs. 


Optimize the Contact Center:
Invest in agent training, encourage high quality interactions and improve the member experience while also increasing efficiency to reduce costs. Maintain compliance and identify insights that impact the entire business.

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Earn Member Trust:
Monitor emerging trends, conduct competitive analysis, and evaluate responses to marketing campaigns. Quickly react to crisis situations, develop empathetic responses, and provide an exceptional experience when it matters most.

Successful Customers in Property and Casualty Insurance

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The Clarabridge Solution

Analyze actionable insights to improve the member experience, drive digital innovation, inform plan and policy development, optimize the contact center and improve brand perception to increase revenue, reduce costs, encourage retention and fuel growth.

Leverage Analytics to Close the Customer Feedback Loop

Improving member experience, contact center operations and digital customer service requires a tool with the capabilities to make a difference. Learn how Clarabridge provides best-in-class analytics, omnichannel integration and cross-departmental findings to help businesses close the customer feedback loop.

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Fuel Data-driven Decisions with Omnichannel Analytics

Gain a comprehensive view of consumer expectations by leveraging all available member feedback and interaction data. Integrate findings from calls, emails, chats, social media, digital forums, online reviews, surveys and more to pinpoint actionable insights and make confident decisions.

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Identify Industry Insights in the Areas that Matter to Your Business

Clarabridge’s powerful Natural Language Understanding engine identifies granular insights in industry-specific categories. From member experience and digital innovation to policy development and brand perception, Clarabridge provides a deep dive into key areas.

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Optimize Contact Center Operations to Increase Insights and Efficiency

Analyze call and chat conversations to improve contact center operations and identify member experience insights that impact the entire organization.  Monitor for compliance, improve agent coaching, increase efficiency and leverage valuable member feedback.

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