Humanize and Modernize Your Quality Management with Clarabridge

The Clarabridge solution incorporates transparent and outcome-oriented evaluation criteria, empowers agents to self-coach, and gives QM managers the tools they need to be more successful in their job. Your people matter.  This means your customers AND employees.

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Take a Unique Humanistic Approach to Quality Management

•     AUTOMATE & STANDARDIZE: Automatically evaluate 100% of interactions consistently and objectively across all channels.
•    PRIORITIZE & EMPOWER: Prioritize coaching opportunities based on key business objectives and provide transparency into calls, scores, & expectations.
COLLABORATE & UNIFY: Share exemplary interactions and feedback through integrated workflows for better remote collaboration.
IMPROVE & PREDICT: Adjust scoring criteria to score for what is truly impactful and prepare teams to respond to emerging customer needs.
•    ASSIST & ELEVATE: Track and monitor coaching opportunities and automatically escalate your most critical issues.

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“We’ve touted increased productivity, higher retention rates, and higher levels of efficiency.  We have a lot of executive-level press counting on this process and stand by it.”

Joe Borkowicz, Chief Experience Officer, S3 Credit Union Services

“We wanted to roll it out as fast as we could due to its impact on helping us help seasonal hires. For us, this process was a great solution to our problems [including] scalability, onboarding gaps, and departmental engagement.”

Susan Campbell, Director of Customer Experience, Vera Bradley

“Agents enjoy seeing the dashboards and visuals of their overall behaviors instead of just the few specific calls that the QA team scores manually every month.”

Fortune 100 Company

A Better, Faster, Smarter Way To Transform Your Quality Management

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Better Insights

Dig deeper and analyze feedback in ways other solutions cannot.



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Faster Time-To-Value

With 4x faster implementation, see a bigger ROI more quickly.



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Smarter Technology

Uncover key areas of improvement and increase efficiency by over 30%.



The Clarabridge Difference: Empowering Teams With Better Technology

Clarabridge Platform Predictive Drivers

Score What Matters

Scoring for script adherence and sentiment is no longer enough.  As markets become more competitive, you need more information and deeper insights to stay ahead.

Only Clarabridge integrates Predictive Drivers to look “below the surface” and uncover what drives certain performance outcomes to incorporate those activities into scorecards.

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Clarabridge Platform Intelligent Scoring

Move To Multi-Dimensional

Score every interaction multiple ways simultaneously to evaluate attributes like agent satisfaction, knowledge of protocols, and customer satisfaction all at the same time, providing more meaningful and impactful insights.

Think of it like a credit score, which consolidates many disparate factors into a single data point. It’s all automatic, so there’s no latency and no survey fatigue.

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Clarabridge Platform Agent Coaching

Proactively Find and Create Coaching Opportunities

Identify and prioritize actions that deliver the business outcomes you want. Coach agents to be more efficient or effective and deliver a better experience in servicing or growing revenue.

Automatically create coaching opportunities alongside this assisted workflow. Provide kudos or coaching in specific areas without hunting for examples.

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Clarabridge Platform Conversation Interactions

Understand Both Sides Of The Conversation

Get the full picture of what is occurring and where proactive action needs to be taken, either agent coaching or proactive outreach to a customer, by digging into both sides of the conversation.

Only Clarabridge gives you the ability to score the agent AND the customer.

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