Duration: 45 Minutes

The current customer engagement environment is constantly in flux. In a world where omni-present customers can post on social media in real-time, enterprises must be ready to respond at the same rate.

In most cases, marketing drives the brand on social media while contact centers offer affordable social media-based customer care. Social media has many stakeholders in the enterprise, yet many studies show marketing is still the majority owner with customer service training. So, the question is, who should own social customer care? Marketing or customer service?

In this webinar, you’ll hear Mila D’Antonio, Principal Analyst at Ovum, explain market best practices that drive collaborative, customer winning, approaches.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to break down enterprise silos
  • Steps for giving social a central role in enterprise customer experience strategies
  • Examples of companies that have centrally located their social customer care organizations
  • Requirements for quality social care no matter where it sits

Featured Speaker: 

Mila D’AntonioPrincipal Analyst, Ovum’s Mila D’Antonio is a principal analyst in Ovum’s Customer Engagement practice. She specializes in enterprise customer experience, omnichannel engagement, and artificial intelligence’s role in shaping customer service and marketing. Mila is a member of the Customer Experience Association (CXPA) and has received numerous industry awards for her prior coverage of the customer experience category. Mila is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and lives in Connecticut with her husband and daughter


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