Acer Dives Deeper into Customer Concerns with Clarabridge

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Acer America, a regional division of Acer Computers, was already gleaning valuable information about product defects and replacements from its customer feedback data, but it wanted to gain a deeper understanding of customer challenges and issues. To do this, it began gathering data from other feedback channels, such as online and chat support. The expanded data set meant the Insights team needed a solution that would account for efficiency and value, as well as accuracy and time required for analysis.


Combining text analytics with Acer’s customer experience management program allowed the company to dive deeper into customer concerns. Acer worked with Clarabridge to develop an automated approach for categorizing unstructured text and pairing it with other forms of customer insight. This involved analyzing data from multiple customer touch points, such as social media, product reviews, chat, emails, surveys, and agent case notes—all within a single solution.


  • Faster and more-efficient identification of customer insights
  • Deeper understanding of customer challenges and issues
  • Expanded scope and responsibility of the Insights team as it supports a more global organization

After a short pilot, the company discovered that Clarabridge’s analysis of the contact center notes was greater than 90% accurate, which was leaps and bounds above what it was getting previously.

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