ADP Embraces Service Approach to Social Media Engagement

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ADP, a human resources management company, had partnered with an external marketing agency to monitor social media engagement, but it was no longer seeing the ROI from the partnership that it wanted. The agency was managing cases from a marketing perspective instead of a service perspective. As a result, thousands of customer inquiries were going unanswered. ADP wanted to be able to view multiple social media channels and monitor feedback directly from a central hub.


Through Clarabridge Engage, ADP can now route data directly to relevant teams for quicker follow-up on customer concerns. Dashboards provide business units with a window into the customer and client experience while simultaneously generating reports to quantify the impact of social media efforts. In addition to helping to enhance ADP’s customer care programs, Clarabridge Engage has aided ADP with its marketing efforts and talent acquisition initiatives.


  • Better response times, averaging one to five minutes (35 comments in 25 minutes)
  • Ability to see information firsthand and more quickly
  • Development of self-service options that keep customer effort low and establish the company as a brand that truly cares about its customers
  • Agent alerts that allow the company to be more proactive in addressing issues that need attention

“In the modern economy, customers are looking for any way to communicate with a company and are really turning to social media to voice their opinions. This means that people want fast and easy communication, and social care represents a great way for ALL types of companies to meet and exceed customer expectations.”  

Janelle Cooley, Director of Client Experience, ADP

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