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A few years ago, Autodesk formed a Customer Insights team responsible for ensuring that customer needs and feedback drive business decisions and processes. Specifically, the software company wanted to know how customers felt about a change it had made in how it sold its products and to make sure its product offerings were continuously aligned with its customers’ fast-evolving needs.


With Clarabridge’s help, Autodesk can now automatically analyze customer feedback from multiple surveys and online sources to determine support satisfaction and product-specific insights. The Customer Insights team leverages Clarabridge to analyze high-volume responses to open-ended survey questions, identify “hot topics,” uncover feedback trends, and evaluate the support team’s performance. Furthermore, a culture of customer empathy has emerged across the business, and departments are proactively using customer insights to deliver on customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • A decrease of 9% in support cases compared to the previous year due to improved web-based support and learning resources
  • An increase of 34% in unique visitors to Autodesk’s web-based resources
  • Millions of dollars in savings in case handling
  • Overall higher satisfaction among customers

By overhauling and improving its web-based support and learning resources, Autodesk started seeing a decrease in support cases by 9% compared to the previous year. More importantly, it saw customer satisfaction levels increase, while the volume of support cases decreased.

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