By Monitoring Customer Communications, GE Healthcare Can Identify Topics of Interest

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GE Healthcare supports over 40,000 employees worldwide and puts out hundreds of products each year. The company views the ability to monitor conversations and call center communications as critical to its operations, but it simply did not have the bandwidth to do so.


With Clarabridge, GE Healthcare can monitor conversations about its products and services, plus analyze significant volumes of text to determine topics of interest to its customers. The platform’s many features provide enhanced capabilities, yet it’s easy for business analysts to learn and use.


  • Greater visibility to all of the different conversations that are happening about the company’s products and services
  • Ability to efficiently process a greater volume of surveys, complaints, and service records
  • Identification of topics of interest to customers

“The fact that it’s such an intelligent tool with so many tips and tricks, and yet made so easy for a business analyst to learn, pick up, and use is really my favorite thing.”  

Kim Zieroth, GE Healthcare

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