Clarabridge Helped Red Roof Inn Solve Guest Problems in Real Time

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Red Roof Inn, which serves millions of guests in 36 states each year, needed a way to understand the guest experience and spot service issues before unhappy customers could leave negative online reviews. It had to be able to act immediately on guest feedback in order to change potential disappointments into opportunities for a positive experience. Furthermore, any solution needed to be implemented quickly and with minimal training.


Red Roof Inn chose Clarabridge to provide a platform for real-time service improvement. With this solution, the hotel chain was able to instantly direct issues to the right people to fix problems identified by guests, as well as determine exactly where an issue existed, calculate potential costs in lost revenue, and track success when a change was made. Importantly, implementation of the solution did not result in any service disruptions.


  • Increased customer satisfaction driven by the ability to engage guests sooner, learn about service issues in real time, and proactively fix problems
  • 6% improvement in online review scores in just over a year, while competitors’ scores remained flat
  • Ability to identify problem areas and quantify them in terms of lost business, which informs renovation decisions to maximize return on investment

“One of the things we love about Clarabridge is that their platform lets us start a conversation with customers sooner, find out what’s important to them, handle any issues that arise during their stay, and satisfy them before they post to the world.”  

Cheryl Billo, Vice President of Quality, Red Roof Inn

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