Clarabridge Helps Check Into Cash Proactively Avoid Compliance Violations

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As part of the financial services industry, Check Into Cash must adhere to strict compliance regulations when providing customer service. The need to monitor customer interactions and avoid script violations is a high priority but was difficult to track.


The flexibility of the Clarabridge solution allows Check Into Cash to easily build industry-specific models and create customized dashboards to help it remain industry compliant. Clarabridge monitors agent interactions for potential script compliance violations and informs coaching efforts to help the company avoid fines. By helping to improve agent speech, identify overtalk and dead air, reduce handle time, facilitate communication and improve the overall customer experience, Clarabridge assists Check Into Cash in supporting its agents and reducing customer churn.


  • Easily build industry-specific models and create customized dashboards
  • Monitor agent interactions to ensure script compliance and inform coaching
  • Improve the customer and employee experience while also reducing churn

“Clarabridge helps us be more compliant, provide a better customer experience, provide a better employee experience and grow our revenues.”

Matt Esterman, Director of eCommerce Operations, Check Into Cash

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