Customer Feedback Yielded Actionable Insights for Sun International

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Following a restructuring and rebranding in 2014, the Sun International Group renewed its emphasis on providing superior customer service. The South African hotel, gaming, and entertainment group determined that analyzing and acting on guest feedback was key to achieving this goal.


Sun International created a formal Customer Experience (CX) department. With Clarabridge’s help, the company expanded on its existing CX initiative and began analyzing higher volumes of guest feedback data in both English and Spanish. The CX team was able to extract actionable insights in real time, create reports and dashboards for various stakeholders across the company, and ensure that relevant insights were sent to property managers for follow-up.


  • Higher guest satisfaction scores
  • Increase in survey response rates, with some properties seeing response rates above the industry average
  • Ability to automate analysis of text-based feedback, allowing for the inclusion of more open-ended comments in surveys

With the ability to automate the analysis of text-based feedback, the CX department had the option of incorporating more open-ended comments into its surveys to better understand what drives a guest to give Sun International a specific score rating.

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