Rackspace Solidified its Position as the #1 Managed Cloud Company

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Rackspace, the #1 managed cloud company, has built its company culture around customer service in an industry that was famous for having none. Because it believes that all departments within the company are responsible for delivering on customer support, it takes a decentralized approach to customer experience. However, Rackspace needed a data-driven solution to understanding customer sentiment.


Clarabridge helped Rackspace process millions of pieces of feedback so that the company could not only pinpoint exactly which issues were impacting customer satisfaction but also route the information to the right people to take action. In addition, Clarabridge insights enabled the company to measure and communicate how each team was contributing to the overall mission. Today, Rackspace has 6,000 employees worldwide, 300,000 happy customers, about $2 billion in revenue, and no notable competitors.


  • Ability to analyze large volumes of free-form text, leading to shorter surveys and higher completion rates
  • Continued industry-leading loyalty scores amid growing customer expectations
  • Identification of inconsistent experiences for customers outside the U.S., leading to improved staffing solutions and better overall customer experiences

Clarabridge insights enabled the company to measure the impact that each team was having on customer satisfaction.

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