Welk Resorts Creates Award-Winning Guest Experience Program

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Welk Resorts wanted to increase guest satisfaction through innovative experience and engagement programs unique to the resort and timeshare industry. It needed to analyze and track guest survey feedback in order to prioritize efforts and design new guest experience initiatives.


Welk Resorts partnered with Clarabridge in connection with a rebranding campaign and the launch of its INSPIRED FOR YOU guest experience program. The company uses the Clarabridge solution to analyze guest survey feedback, make proactive decisions about guest experience programs, and guide employee engagement and interactions with guests. As a result, Welk Resorts has been able to create innovative experiences for its guests and fine-tune its hospitality offerings.

Success Highlights

  • Delivery of an innovative and successful guest experience program
  • Nomination of the guest experience campaign for two timeshare industry awards
  • Ratings of 4 to 5 stars for all five Welk properties on TripAdvisor
  • Better understanding by staff of how to ask for guest feedback and address needs in a timely manner

The biggest impact for Welk came in the powerful new experiences delivered to guests. In 2015, over 25 unique programs, activities, and experiences were implemented for guests of Welk Resorts across five unique properties.

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