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CX Measurement Webinar with ForresterTo advance your CX measurement program, CX teams need the tools to improve practices and scale measurement efforts. Surveys and quality monitoring (QM) can be sparse and CX leaders require specific and easy-to-use metrics to gain support from internal stakeholders. An important aspect of how customers think about interactions is often missing in perspectives and analyses as well.

Hear from Clarabridge’s Senior Director of Product Management, Ellen Loeshelle, and guest speaker, Forrester’s VP & Principal Analyst, Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian as they discuss how organizations can start advancing their CX measurement program.

Specifically, they share:

  • The highlights from Forrester’s Three Imperatives for Advanced CX Measurement Programs report.
  • How organizations can measure existing data to drive CX improvements.
  • Specific examples of how organizations are understanding and measuring how customers react to automation and digital experiences.

Featured Speakers

New Clarabridge Circle LogoEllen Loeshelle
Senior Director of Product Management, Clarabridge

Ellen Loeshelle is a Senior Director of Product Management at Clarabridge where she is responsible for developing and executing on the product strategy for the data integration, NLP, enrichment and analytics parts of the Clarabridge product suite. Throughout her career at Clarabridge, she has worked with customers to develop innovative solutions to customer experience challenges within the context of linguistics and technology theory. Prior to her current role, Ellen also worked as a Business Consultant and as the Product Manager of the Data Acquisition and NLP teams at Clarabridge.

Updated Forrester LogoMaxie Schmidt-Subramanian
VP Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Maxie Schmidt is a principal analyst serving customer experience (CX) professionals. She leads Forrester’s research on CX measurement programs. In that role, Maxie creates thought leadership and advises clients on how to build an effective CX measurement program, but also on how companies can (and should) innovate CX measurement practices beyond surveys. Maxie also writes about the business impact and the ROI of CX. Maxie is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and leads CX workshops at events.


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