Duration: 60 Minutes

Voice of the Customer

Today’s healthcare providers must support positive patient outcomes and prioritize the patient experience within a rapidly changing public health environment. In order to remain competitive, efficient and profitable, healthcare organizations should analyze feedback from multiple sources to identify opportunities that will benefit the business.

In this webinar, Clarabridge Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Sid Banerjee describes how healthcare organizations can create an analytics program that integrates findings from patients, payers and providers. He also explains how a successful program can help organizations develop a comprehensive view of the patient perspective and ensure they can deliver an appropriate response as conditions evolve.

From this session, listeners will learn:

  • How to analyze feedback across data sources such as calls, chats, surveys, CMS, provider notes and social media
  • The value of integrating data insights to create a “single view of the truth”
  • The business benefits of an effective patient analytics program
  • How a successful analytics program can help organizations pivot their operations and navigate crisis situations

Featured Speaker:

Sid Banerjee
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer



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