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Customer Spotlight: 4ocean


4ocean sees huge engagement on their social media, especially on Instagram.  But this massive engagement comes with a caveat: huge volumes of daily messages and mentions. Customers want fast responses from businesses, but it was challenging for 4ocean to respond to people and engage with their audience on Instagram Stories natively on the app. What 4ocean needed was a platform that could streamline their notifications to ensure that all messages received a response and give them visibility they needed on Instagram.


4ocean partnered with Clarabridge to better manage customer conversations. The 4ocean team worked with Facebook and Clarabridge to integrate the Messenger API for Instagram into Engage, where direct messages from customers were automatically tagged and sorted into a dedicated folder. With Clarabridge’s customer management solutions, the company routed all its social media mentions to Clarabridge Engage, routing and organizing by public tags, private messages, and mentions in Instagram Stories.


“Working with Clarabridge helped us efficiently organize the customer queries we received from social media into Engage, a folder integrated with Messenger and Messenger API for Instagram. Instead of natively using Messenger and Instagram to respond to people, our customer service and social media teams could access and respond to messages in a single, consolidated platform.”

Patrick Carney, Director of Customer Experience, 4ocean

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