Duration: 45 minutes

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Every day customers are engaging in public conversations about your brand. Learn how to use Clarabridge’s new connector suite to incorporate new sources of publicly available feedback into our customer experience program and methods to make the most of this rich data source.


Featured Speaker:


Harry Blodgett

Product Manager, Clarabridge

Harry guides the product strategy and roadmap for Clarabridge’s Platform and Data Acquisition teams. He is currently focused on ensuring that the platform can grow to meet customer demand and on delivering the next generation of out-of-the-box connectors.Your data is more than the sum of its rows. Learn how you can harness Clarabridge’s machine learning-derived sentence type detection to pinpoint cries for help or suggestions. Report on automatically generated World Awareness attributes to see trends you didn’t know were happening, for data you didn’t know you had. Then use derived metrics to push your calculations further with filtered metrics and custom math metrics that calculate exactly the context you need to make decisions.


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