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Numerous firms are continuing to struggle with how to achieve a holistic and unified view of the customer experience within their organization. This is largely due to an over-reliance on surveys and a lack of focus on other readily available customer data such as the vast amount of raw, unstructured feedback found in customer interactions (phone calls, chats, messages and emails) and online media (social networks, reviews, forums and blogs, etc.).

But mining actionable insights from the massive volume of customer interaction and online data available to organizations is simply not possible without superior AI-Based text analytics. This is why text analytics is the core technology underpinning today’s most successful customer experience (CX) programs and this is also why selecting a CFM vendor with best-in-class text analytics capabilities is not only critical to current business success, but continued business growth.

Watch this on-demand webinar with our guest speakers, Boris Evelson and Faith Adams, analysts at Forrester Research will discuss best practices to:

  • Know what to look for when selecting a CFM vendor with leading text analytics capability
  • Overcome common challenges when transitioning to an insights-driven organization
  • Understand the importance of natural language processing (NLP) in text analytics
  • Creating a digital transformation in the contact center fueled by conversation analytics

Featured Speakers:

Boris Evelson
VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals
Forrester Research

Boris serves the Application Development & Delivery role. He is a leading expert in business intelligence (BI) and delivers strategic guidance, helping enterprises define BI strategies, governance, and architectures and identify vendors and technologies that help them put information to use in business processes and end user experiences. Boris has more than 30 years of experience with enterprise software and applications implementation, management consulting, and strategic advisory skills.


Faith Adams
Senior Analyst Serving Customer Experience Professionals Forrester Research

Faith Adams is an analyst at Forrester Research, serving Customer Experience Professionals. Her research focus areas include customer experience measurement and customer-centric culture. Prior to joining the research team, Faith spent nine years working in customer and patient experience. Leveraging the voice of the customer, she helped establish a different approach to building loyalty, increasing customer lifetime value and improving the bottom line while also assisting in the development of a more customer-centric culture.


Fabrice Martin
Chief Product Officer

Fabrice Martin is the Chief Product Officer at Clarabridge. Fabrice brings 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, product management, marketing, and enterprise software sales, with specific domain expertise in SaaS/PaaS, data visualization/discovery, business intelligence, and analytics for marketing and contact center operations. Fabrice holds a Computer Engineering degree from ITESM CEM in Mexico and an MBA from Georgetown University.


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