Duration: 45 min

Way back in 2013, ICMI fielded a study to answer a single question: “What are we using all this data for?” Contact centers then were generating massive amounts of data and insights, and there was broad consensus that this information could and should be actionable, used to make not only meaningful improvements in customer satisfaction and engagement, contact center operations, and agent training and coaching, but also help organizations sell more and retain more customers. Nearly a decade later, artificial intelligence has vastly expanded the volume of information flowing in, around, and out of contact centers.

The data flow can be intimidating, but we must dive in. Only by channeling the flow can we use data and analytics productively, to establish relationships with our customers and within our organizations, to improve the efficiency of our operations overall, and to increase satisfaction across the board.

In this webinar, hear from Ben Brennan and Clarabridge on:

  • Current trends in data and analytics in the contact center
  • How data and analytics can improve operational efficiency
  • The impact of data-driven insights on the customer journey, including how to have more meaningful customer conversations
  • How to analyze your sales- and retention-focused conversations to help upsell/cross sell and retain customers

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