Duration: 45 Minutes

Companies work hard to drive customer experience improvements, and designing emotionally intelligent programs is critical to building customer loyalty. Understanding how your customers feel can help you build trust and empathetic solutions to meet your customers’ needs.

Watch this webinar with Max Israel from Customerville and Eric Din from Clarabridge as they look at how successfully creating emotionally intelligent CX programs offers the promise of longer-lasting customer relationships. You will learn:

  • The nuance of insights you can gain from eliciting emotional customer feedback
  • How design-focused, text responsive surveys create a real-time customer feedback loop
  • How pre and post-call feedback can help drive continuous improvements in your contact center
  • How the Customerville and Clarabridge partnership can help power your CX programs

Featured Speakers:


Eric Din
Vice President, Global Solutions Engineering and Alliances, Clarabridge

Eric Din is the Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering and Alliances for Clarabridge. Eric is responsible for an international team that demonstrates how technology can help drive VoC strategy and the growth of enterprise customer experience (CX) maturity within Fortune 1000+ companies. Eric has over 12 years of experience working in customer experience technology, AI and Machine Learning, contact center operations, and advance customer feedback analytics, to help companies design solutions that address the many complex problems that occur when deploying and evangelizing the value of an evolving CX organization.


Max Israel
Founder & CEO, Customerville

Max Israel is founder & CEO of Customerville, the design-driven Voice of the Customer platform to companies in over 20 countries. Customerville’s unique blend of technology, art and behavioral science drives significantly higher survey response rates — and deeper long-term employee engagement in the customer experience story.

Israel’s 2018 book, Design-driven Feedback, is among the most widely read and shared books on measuring CX. He is also the host of Customerville’s CX vlog, 40 Billion Reasons., viewed by over 10,000 CX pros each month.


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