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Your customers and contact center agents are interacting on a daily basis, and those interactions contain priceless information about how to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. But do you know how to mine for the golden insights that can truly make a difference? 

This whitepaper uncovers the value of a speech analytics solution that combines speech-to-text engines with best-in-class natural language understanding (NLU) to analyze every interaction between your contact center and your customers. 

Download now to learn:

  • Key questions to help identify and pinpoint issues due to people, processes, or products
  • A framework for quantifying the costs of issues (such as extra handle times, repeat calls, excessive silence, transfers, and short calls)
  • How an NLU-based speech analytics solution leads to comprehensive, granular insights that allow you to make deeper connections with customers by detecting customer emotion, sentiment and effort

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