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In this on-going blog series, we will share how organizations can truly leverage interaction analytics and drive contact center success. Authored by our VP of North America Services, Shorit Ghosh, these blogs will help you learn the pro tips on getting the most out of your customer interactions—from tactics to save costs, using artificial intelligence in customer service, ways to improve the customer experience, and more:


3 Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Interaction Analytics

AUGUST, 2020

Using Speech Analytics to Maximize Your Service Levels

JULY, 2020

3 Contact Center KPIs That You Need to Track (And Why)

JUNE, 2020

Improving the Customer Experience Through Interaction Analytics


About the Series:
This series is meant to exemplify the ever-growing importance of the role contact center plays in customer experience and highlight the need for robust analytics to understand all interactions across all channels. Advanced contact centers no longer rely on just surveys or qualitative discussions to make decisions. Interaction analytics has made it possible to make objective decisions by providing a better understanding of what is driving contact volumes, customer loyalty, sentiment, effort, risks, and more. When implemented properly, interaction analytics can radically optimize contact center operations.

About the Author:
Shorit Ghosh is the Vice President of North America Services at Clarabridge. Shorit manages a team of consulting managers, business consultants and technical architects to help his customers improve their own customer experience, increase revenue, and reduce cost and churn.


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