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Human attention is grabbed by those who provoke emotions. Strong feelings inspire action. Uncovering the emotions that drive your customers’ behavior may seem a daunting task; gauging how you should adapt almost impossible.
However, ABA Research has decoded these feelings and developed a framework for turning this insight into commercial advantage. Watch this webinar as we discuss how this could translate into deeper bonds between you and your customers.


Featured Speaker:


Laura Gillespie

Insight Director, ABA Research
Laura joined ABA Research in 2010 as part of the Graduate Scheme and has since risen rapidly to become an Insight Director, running one of ABA’s insight teams. A lover of all things retail, Laura leads many of ABA’s key accounts. She has a passion for innovative thinking and her skills here have been integral to the development of ABA’s propositions – her contribution to the industry being recognized when she was awarded MRS Best Newcomer in 2015.

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