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Why Are Organizations Drowning in Customer Feedback Data, but Still Thirst for Meaning? 

Text Analytics can be a flood of information that threatens to swallow organizations that aren’t prepared to handle it. Add in the complexity of multi-lingual feedback data, and many organizations are left overwhelmed.

The Clarabridge White Paper, Multi-Lingual Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis: How It Works & Why You Need It, explains the Clarabridge approach to processing multi-lingual text– how it is different from other methods and why it works best.

Download this white paper to:

  • Understand how our cutting-edge approach to multi-lingual text analysis improves on other methods
  • Uncover how the Clarabridge platform handles different dialects
  • Discover how our 11-point sentiment scale makes a difference to understanding multi-lingual feedback data
  • Take a peek into how the Clarabridge platform presents different languages

Download the Whitepaper