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When given the opportunity to enter into Sky’s newest market, Sky Spain wanted to do things differently by focusing on end-to-end customer experience as a differentiator and focusing on actionable insights. Building on that, they are looking to use CX as a local counterbalance to group lead technology, functionality, and new ways of working. This session is to hear about their journey, best practices, and how they will use their insights to continue to grow their business.

Featured Speaker:

Nick MacFarlane

Head of Customer Experience and Opearations, Sky Spain

Nick MacFarlane started his career as a Customer Service advisor and now have over 15 years’ experience in CX focused roles. With his customer service background, it is no surprise that he is passionate about the “voice of the customer” being heard at the right level, while using the contact centres as an aid and ensuring appropriate action is taken from the insights gathered. At Sky Spain he looks after both Customer Service and Customer Experience together encompassing the overall data and insight strategy.


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