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Quality Management and Quality Assurance (QM and QA) are important elements of any contact center. The tasks involved can be time-consuming and difficult. Traditional methods have focused on the phone conversation as the primary—or even sole—source of input. Scorecards have been built focused on limited data and are producing only partial views of the quality of interactions.

Modern contact centers are using omnichannel solutions to respond to customer needs, and so multiple sources of Quality Management data are available but might be overlooked or considered unusable because of the dated tools and methods contact centers are using.

How can Quality Management take advantage of these varied sources of data to produce better results for the contact center and for customers?

View this on-demand webinar that covers:

  • How omnichannel communication changes the scope of QM data
  • How advanced analytics are no longer optional, but are a necessity
  • Why and how doing better QM benefits both contact centers and customers
  • How advanced technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis can assist

Featured Speakers:

Roy Atkinson
Group Principal Analyst, HDI/ICMI

Roy Atkinson is HDI’s senior writer/analyst, acting as the in-house subject matter expert and chief writer for SupportWorld articles and white papers. In addition to being a member of the HDI International Certification Standards Committee and the HDI Desktop Support Advisory Board, Roy is a popular speaker at HDI conferences and is well known to HDI local chapter audiences. His background is in both service desk and desktop support, as well as small-business, consulting. Roy’s blogs regularly appear on HDIConnect, and he is highly rated on social media, especially on the topics of IT service management and customer service. Roy is a cohost of the very popular #custserv (customer service) chat on Twitter, which celebrated its fifth anniversary on December 9, 2014. He holds a master’s certificate in advanced management strategy from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business, and he is a certified HDI Support Center Manager. Follow him on Twitter @RoyAtkinson.


Nelson Giron
President, Callzilla

Neal Topf is the President and Co-Founder of Callzilla. He leads Callzilla’s near-shore contact center operations and sets Callzilla’s mission and vision. In addition to live agent services, Neal dedicates significant energy and focus towards understanding the convergence of human-assisted contact management with automation and artificial intelligence. Winning ICMI’s Best Outsourced Provider was one of Neal’s greatest professional achievements. In his personal time, Neal is a life-long suffering Washington Redskins football fan, wondering if they’ll ever make it back to the Super Bowl. Neal resides in South Florida with the pride and joy of his family, his 7-year-old son.


Nelson Giron
Senior Engagement Manager, Clarabridge

Nelson is a Senior Engagement Manager at Clarabridge. He has over 14 years of technical support industry experience primarily focused on escalation management. He has been with Clarabridge since 2014 and has led the Customer Support practice, focusing on Contact Center Solutions.


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