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More and more companies are taking advantage of the wealth of customer feedback information at their disposal. They are using Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions like Clarabridge to ingest all types of customer feedback – surveys, interactions, and online feedback – into a single hub to perform advanced analytics and uncover topics, intent, effort, sentiment and more. Most importantly, companies are using these contextual insights from unstructured data sources like calls, emails, chat, agent notes, ratings and reviews, social media and surveys to drive more transformational changes in their business.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Key components for building a holistic and sustainable CEM Program
  • Best practices for measuring business value and deriving leading indicators like effort and sentiment from unstructured customer feedback
  • How to use AI-powered advanced analytics to generate operational insights tailored to each role and level in the business
  • Best practices for turning customer insights into actions that improved the customer experience and business performance
Featured Speakers:
Koren Stucki
VP of Strategic Consulting & Analyst Relations, Clarabridge
Koren has extensive experience in service innovation, customer experience and voice of the customer and employee. She has established several organizations and built Customer Experience Programs as a practitioner in Fortune 100 and start-up businesses and as a consultant to global companies and non-profit organizations. At Clarabridge, Koren provides strategic advisory services for our customers on CX Strategy and Program Maturity, Customer Journey Mapping & Analytics, Measurement Frameworks, CX Centers of Excellence & Governance, and continues to publish and maintain an active role as a thought-leader in the CX space.



Courtney Shealy
VP of Global Solutions Engineering, Clarabridge
Courtney Shealy is the VP of Global Solutions Engineering at Clarabridge. Courtney has an extensive background in Solution Consulting, Consumer Product Management (SaaS), and Customer Experience Program Analytics across a variety of industry verticals for Fortune 100 and start-up business. Courtney leads the solution engineering team to highlight business optimization opportunities and insights across the enterprise that can be uncovered when listening to the voice of the customer.

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