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Over 18 million people trust Progressive as their insurance company—and with that many customers comes a huge amount of social media activity. Progressive needed a digital customer service tool to help them efficiently manage the customer comments, inquiries, and overall traffic that flooded their social media accounts.


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How Progressive created their Flo Facebook chatbot to assist with numerous inquires
  • Why smart tags in a digital customer service tool are crucial
  • How to scale and redistribute the workload among teams to increase efficiencies

Featured Speakers:

Michael Molnar
Social Media Specialist, Progressive Insurance

Michael and his team oversee and execute digital content for the third-largest auto insurance company in the US. Using Clarabridge Engage to monitor all social channels for Progressive, Michael keeps his finger on the pulse of Progressive’s digital marketing strategy while maximizing engagement opportunities with Progressive promotors and fans of brand icon Flo whenever possible. A 16-year veteran of the insurance industry, Michael has built a strong foundation of customer service mastery and institutional knowledge that helps him bring his “A” game to the table each and every day.


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