Duration: 45 Minutes

Typical agent performance evaluation cycles consist of a series of pitfalls, including ambiguous evaluation criteria, targeted sampling of calls, subjectivity introduced during the evaluation process, and insufficient reporting downstream. This process runs in stark contrast to the evolving workforce of the 21st century that will continue to be headlined more and more by needs exposed by the digitalization of our everyday lives.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How Clarabridge rehumanizes Quality Management by enabling contact centers to score all of their interactions
  • Why applying new technologies to rethink the agent evaluation process is extremely beneficial
  • How complex interaction can be easily explained to surface only those moments that are truly coachable, while also powering organizational insights

Featured Speakers:

Ellen Loeshelle
Director, Product Management, Clarabridge
Ellen Loeshelle is a Director of Product Management at Clarabridge where she is responsible for developing and executing on the product strategy for the data integration, NLP, enrichment and analytics parts of the Clarabridge product suite. Throughout her career at Clarabridge, she has worked with customers to develop innovative solutions to customer experience challenges within the context of linguistics and technology theory. Prior to her current role, Ellen also worked as a Business Consultant and as the Product Manager of the Data Acquisition and NLP teams at Clarabridge.


Keegan Brenneman
Product Manager, Clarabridge
Keegan Brenneman is the Product Manager for Case Management at Clarabridge and also works with the CX Studio Product Management team. Prior to his current role, he worked as a Customer Care Engineer for nearly three years. Experience gained through working tickets on behalf of our customers has provided valuable insight into what makes a strong Case Management platform. He is focusing on improving our Case Management platform end-to-end, as well as making the administration of our Clarabridge platform more streamlined.


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