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Search for quick insights right when you need them; build a more personalized and accessible experience with new home pages; track call trends and agent performance with our Reason Detection Enrichment; protect your customer data; and engage with customers where they are. With this release, Clarabridge continues its mission to help global brands take a data-driven and human-centric approach in everything they do.


Release Highlights

ClaraTM: Intelligent Search for Quick Insights
With Clara, finding insights has never been easier! Simply type out the specific topic, event, or trend of interest, and Clara handles the rest—providing visual results in a matter of seconds. Clara can work across all your feedback and data sources, empowering you with the quick insights you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Custom Studio Home Pages
Studio has a new and more personalized look with customizable home pages tailored for users based on their role, team, or department. Create home pages with curated dashboards, widgets, and other content that address each user’s unique needs and goals.

Accessibility Improvements
We are continuing to improve the overall Studio experience by adding new user-friendly and accessible capabilities that benefit every user. This release includes keyboard navigation shortcuts, pattern fills for graphs and charts, content resizing and responsiveness for dashboards, and more!

Studio Archive
Drowning in objects in Studio, but don’t know what to do with them? We have added an archive for storing the ones that no longer spark joy! Remove irrelevant content from your home page without permanently deleting them (archived objects can be fully recovered within 30 days). Archive content upon individual user removal, minimizing the number of unused dashboards and other objects cluttering your screen.

Intelligent Scoring Enhancements
Our latest updates to Intelligent Scoring make it easier than ever for contact center agents, supervisors, and quality teams to collaborate, self-coach, and mentor. New metrics for the rubric spot check, including minimum/maximum values and quartiles, provide more insights upfront on rubric outputs. Create metric alerts based on rubric targets to identify areas in need of immediate attention. Filter and sort scorecards within embedded feedback widgets and via the Document Explorer with the Intelligent Scoring pane.

Reason Detection: Cancellation, Transfer, and Hold
Our AI/Natural Language Understanding engine has gotten smarter with the latest updates to our Reason Detection Enrichment. Automatically identify Cancellation, Transfer, and Hold reasons behind every one of your customer calls. This makes it easier to assess key trends related to areas like service cancellations, agent performance, roadblocks, and more.

Data Masking and Substitution Support
Clarabridge remains committed to protecting sensitive customer information. Data masking enables you to hide specific customer data, such as credit card numbers or other personally identifiable information, from view. You can also define substitution rules to replace certain words and phrases within the customer feedback or interaction to promote data cleanup.

New Connectors: ZenDesk, Five9, AWS S3
We continue to add new connectors to make it easier to integrate with your existing technology stack. Clarabridge now supports loading data from Zendesk chats and non-conversational tickets, as well as Five9 call data. Additional support has been added to allow for inbound and outbound calls into AWS S3.

Instagram: Publish & DM Support
You asked and we listened—Engage finally supports publishing directly to Instagram! Share photos, videos, and text to grow your brand on this popular social channel. Continue to make meaningful connections with your audience with automated DM responses, icebreakers, and flowbots for frequent requests.

Add To-Do Tasks in Notes
Agent responsibilities don’t have to end when the conversation is over. We have added to-do tasks in case notes to further optimize your digital care operations. Assign to-do’s to other experts in your team, and receive notifications of new and updated tasks to complete to prevent cases from falling through the cracks.

New Automation Recipes: Case Updates
Make your workflows more efficient by leveraging our new Automation Recipes for Case Updates. Automate certain actions upon case status, such as sending a webhook once a case is resolved or auto-resolving cases after a predefined period of time.

New Team Performance Widgets for Cases
Engage users can now uncover deeper insights into team performance with a new set of widgets. Widgets for Case Handle Time, First Response Time, and Average Messages in Cases allow digital service teams to understand their team’s strengths and discover opportunities for coaching.

Add Alt-Text When Publishing Social Media Posts
Digital content published via Engage is now made more accessible for your audience with visual impairments. Add alt-text to images so that your customers will not miss your social posts.


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