Duration: 60 Minutes

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The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated a digital transformation within enterprises and their contact centers across the globe. Sudden and massive increases in the volume of phone calls, creating longer than normal wait times, has driven people to utilize self-service and digital channels, such as chat features, private messaging, and interactive virtual assistants (IVA), more than ever before.

As organizations continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic, interaction analytics will play more and more of a role in the ability to consistently deliver great customer experience. To measure the impact of CX, CSAT and quality of service changes, companies are investing in interaction analytics to identify issues and inform continuous improvement efforts.

Watch this webinar featuring Donna Fluss from DMG Consulting and Julie Miller from Clarabridge as they discuss:

  • CX challenges (and opportunities!) faced by companies as a result of rapidly changing service delivery models
  • Practical applications for interaction analytics within and beyond the contact center
  • Must-have capabilities when selecting an IA solution

Featured Speakers:

Donna Fluss
DMG Consulting

Donna Fluss is President of DMG Consulting LLC. For more than three decades she has helped emerging and established companies develop and deliver outstanding customer experiences. A recognized visionary, author and speaker, Donna drives strategic transformation and innovation throughout the service industry. She provides strategic and practical counsel for enterprises, solution providers and the investment community.


Julie Miller
Vice President of Product Marketing

Julie Miller is the Vice President of Marketing for Clarabridge. In her role, Julie leads a team of tech-savvy creatives to clearly articulate the business challenges that Clarabridge solves, explaining how the technology works and showcasing real and measurable value.


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