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Make the right calls as you combine the efforts of social media and the contact center.

Today’s leaders need to be equipped and empowered to make decisions that drive significant CX impact.

Knowing how customers feel about their interactions with your agents will help you discover emerging trends and themes, allowing you to improve service and minimize customer effort. As you work to combine the efforts of social media and the contact center, you’ll need all the validation you can get as you begin to make tough strategic decisions.

In The US Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide 2017: The Social Customer Chapter, we outline:

  • How social media is used within the contact centers as a service channel
  • The top five social customer care stats that are predicting the future of customer service in social media
  • Target response times you should be paying attention to as you implement internal benchmarks
  • In-depth tips for providing superior customer service on social media

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