Duration: 45 min

Contact Center
Conversation Analytics
Quality Assurance/Monitoring

Scoring is intended to help evaluate agent performance, quality of service and risk. Manually evaluating millions of customer service interactions at scale is complex and costly and sampling techniques yield incomplete and biased analysis missing important trends and patterns. AI-powered text and speech analytics now make it possible to automatically score 100% of agent interactions across custom-defined criteria. Automatically scoring every dialog or piece of feedback in a transparent manner enables teams to spend less time hunting and more time acting for Agent QA and other key organizational initiatives. In this session, we will highlight ways to use automated scoring techniques to transform your organization through automated agent QA, post interaction survey replacement, agent and team performance benchmarking, unbiased scorecard design, positive reinforcement in coaching, understanding the customer experience, and more.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Create custom, transparent scoring criteria to evaluate agent behaviors and skills at scale
  • Evaluate and score agent behaviors and skills in an unbiased way using speech and text analytics
  • Go beyond Agent QA and use scoring for organizational transformation initiatives
  • Use analytics to improve individual and contact center-wide performance

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