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Donna Fluss WebinarInteraction analytics (IA) is one of the unsung heroes of the pandemic due to its ability to provide companies with insights into customer needs, wants and sentiment, agent performance and emotion, and operational opportunities embedded in voice and digital interactions. Recent breakthroughs in the areas of natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU), specifical advancements in the accuracy of transcription, sentiment analysis, empathy identification, and predictive analytics, have made IA solutions mission-critical for companies that are committed to making it easy for their customers to take care of business. These innovations are also elevating agent satisfaction and engagement by automating the quality management process and delivering unbiased and actionable feedback to them on a timely basis. Additionally, the ability to automate the call wrap-up process is a benefit for agents and customers alike. Watch this webinar to hear:

  • How interaction analytics is mission-critical for enterprises and all departments that interact with customers – sales, marketing, service, and the back office
  • The ways that the amazing innovations in NLP and NLU technologies are enhancing the business contributions of interaction analytics solutions
  • How interaction analytics transforms traditional quality management into an employee engagement tool that increases agent retention
  • Case studies that describe the specific benefits of applying interaction analytics throughout the enterprise

Featured Speakers:

DMG Logo CircleDonna Fluss
President, DMG Consulting
Donna Fluss is President of DMG Consulting LLC. For more than three decades she has helped emerging and established companies develop and deliver outstanding customer experiences. A recognized visionary, author and speaker, Donna drives strategic transformation and innovation throughout the service industry. She provides strategic and practical counsel for enterprises, solution providers and the investment community.


Julie MillerJulie Miller
Vice President of Product Marketing, Clarabridge
Julie Miller is the Vice President of Marketing for Clarabridge. In her role, Julie leads a team of tech-savvy creatives to clearly articulate the business challenges that Clarabridge solves, explaining how the technology works and showcasing real and measurable value.


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